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Q: What type of litter box do you reccomend?


A: We use litter robot brand litterboxes, they are in our opinion the best there are. The litterbox itself rotates and all waste is hidden in a little box below. We own 2 of these bad boys because we dont need to buy any special litter or bags, plain kitchen trashbags and scoopable litter we have had ours for 4 years with no issues. By clicking the link to the right you recieve $25 off at checkout.

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Q: What type of food do you use?


A: We give our kittens 2 types of food they get a scoop of wet food each 2 times a day and we constantly have dry food and fresh water out for them. 

Dry food is Chicken soup for the soul kitten




The High end brand we reccomend is Fromm Brand 

Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Cat Food



Wet food is 




Cats need special nutrients that can only be found in the liver and hearts of other animals, as well as supplements like lysine and taurine please be sure your kitty food has these ingredients to ensure the best health. 


Q: What type of litter do you recommend?


A: We use SCOOP AWAY brand clumping litter or WORLDS BEST CAT LITTER brand ground corn they both work great costco sells Scoop away for about $12 a 42LB bag and worlds best cat litter is more expensive can be purchased at petco but worth it if you are more eco friendly and want the very best. 

Q: What type of litter SCOOP do you recommend?


A: We use a tool called a litter lifter it looks like the picture on the right, in all of our years this has worked the best and is the easiest to use. copy the link below


Q: Where are you located?


A: We are in Beautiful Panama City Beach Florida a perfect place to vacation before picking up your new kitten. We also ship to anywhere in the USA. And have personal flyer or driving delivery options as well.

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fancy feast chicken hearts and liver feast
newmans own organic cat food
Fromm hasen-duckenpfeffer food
scoop away cat litter

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