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We have had "Winston" for about two weeks now.    I can't put into words my satisfaction with Michelle, the breeder.    She was very responsive during the 6 weeks we waited to pick up our newest family member.  On top of that, Winston has been the most loving, affectionate kitten I have ever seen or heard of.   When I go to bed, he sleeps on my chest until I roll to my side then he sleeps right by my wife's shoulder.  During the day we have a loud house with two daughters, a dog and a  mature cat.   Even with all the excitement, Winston bounces room to room and loves ANYONE that will give him some attention.   I can't say enough about how happy we are.    I guess the best compliment and evidence is that we are getting a second one, from Michelle, in 5 weeks.      Il attach a short video and some photos.  

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