Kitten Reservation VIP

Kitten Reservation VIP

This is for VIP members only, please use the other deposit ($50) if you are a new reservation for a future litter. 


Attention VIP Members Please put the kittens name in the description at check out, if someone reserves the same kitten the person who purchased 2nd will be notified to pick a new kitten.I will do my best to update the site as soon as the kitten is reserved to prevent confusion. One VIP deposit is required per kitten. If purchasing 2 kittens please use 2 seperate reservations.


    No refunds do not purchase unless you know you want a kitten 100%


    Shipping is determined at time of purchase 

    Free if local Pickup in Panama City Beach Florida

    $20 per hour each way if driving up to 6 hour delivery (each way)

    $450-550 personal pet nanny flight delivery