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We are the breeder of the amazing "Yoda" the kinkalow kitten as seen on msn news and various other media networks.

One of my kittens went to the great home of Caitlin Williams and she tweeted his pictures to her friends. I had no IDEA what a phenomenon he would become! The articles are calling him the next grumpy cat!


To see videos of Yoda in action

Yoda is a kinkalow and he is a very rare unique breed. Because of that there may be no Kinkalows in a litter or up to 2 in a litter. Most of the kittens come out with one trait either curled ears or short legs, Kinkalows carry 2 traits.

 Our KINKALOW WAITING LIST SPOTS have been filled, the next available litter is now February 2016. If we have any extra kinkalow kittens without a deposit the kittens will be offered to anyone who signs up for our kinkalow kitten mailing list.

We are selling out quickly on our Napoleon / Minuet munchkins  as well only 1 spot remaining. Deposits are $400 to hold a your spot for a kitten, this is refundable if we cannot find you a kitten in 2 litters. For more details add your name to the notification list. Prices for Napoleons will be $1400 -1600


LOOKING FOR A KITTEN THAT IS VERY VERY RARE? We will be having DWELF KITTENS in 2015! These are naked (sphynx) Kinkalows they look just like yoda only furless. 


Do you like Bengal kittens? We will have (bengal x munchkin) kittens comming in the next few months they are called genettas and will have the bengal pattern but with short legs! To add your name to the Genetta mailing list click the link  below






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AVAILABLE Kittens Below

New babies just posted 07-26-2016

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New Munchkin Litter will be posted soon join mailing list to be updated


Tea Cup Munchkin Kittens 


All munchkin kittens have found new homes, holiday kittens are on their way and we only have a few spaces left. Deposits are required to reserve any kitten, there is a paypal button above with a drop down menu for partial payment that will secure your spot. Full kitten prices are listed on the "prices" tab at the top of the page. Feel free to ask any questions you may have

All Size estimates are  based off of  2 factors, first the size of previous kittens and  second the  size of the parents.Teacup size kittens  are  between 4-9  lbs  full grown and Toy  kittens are between 10-14 lbs  full grown


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